This fall we've started on the long overdue refit of our Urban facility. The
blue steel tower in the center of the field will have 4 floors to shoot from. This
will change the flow of action entirly You will have 360 degree vision and be
able to look down into many of the buildings.

The new block house in Urban has second story shooting ports on all four
sides and is ready to go. We gave it a test run the end of August. It was a tough
nut to crack but it fell several times.

We want to thank the players that have used our facility this season. Their
loyal service has given us the funds to undertake these inporvements. So
these improvements are our way of giving back to them. making a better
facility for them to enjoy.

Urban Assault Facility
Medium Format field Player capacity 10-30

Urban is a fast action field where movement is your
friend. The addition of the 3 story tower and a 2 story
log block house has added a new aspect to the game
which makes it even more of a challenge.