These 3 fields are medium format for groups of 6-16 players.

Tango 1 has a similar defensive position to Tango 2. The size almost
the same. However, the brush is thicker to the South and the East. So
shots in these areas will be harder as so much cover is offered. To the
North the terrain is much more open.

Tango 3 is a true battlefield. There are no fortifications here, just large
trees and a few small hills to offer cover. This is where you hunt to
stay alive. It's great to settle the question of who's the top gun!

We can do elimination on all of these fields as well as set up a flag
game if you desire. This battlefield is part of the area between Firebase
Alpha and The Delta Pillbox. When used with those it becomes a medium
to large format field capable of handling from 12 to 60 players.

Tango 1 from the inside looking at the flag station and from the outside
looking at the wall and the communication dish. Pull the colored pipe
from the stand and the fort falls.

Tango 2 has a small fort in a heavy pine grove. It has a stone wall to the
North. so it can only be attacked from 3 sides. It's walls are big enough
to protect 6-8 defenders. Movement n this field can be done with little
sound so stay sharp or they will sneak in close. Most areas you can see
about 100 feet. But, to the south the brush gets thicker and the shots
will get closer.

Tango 1 and 2 can be combined to offer a medium format fort on fort
game. This would be great for 12-30 players.