The New Castle
(New and Improved)
Large format field
Player capacity 20-60
Suggest attackers have a 2-1 advantage

With 180 feet of outside wall the courtyard is huge. We have over 60 shooting
ports to defend from. That's right over 60 defenders could be in this castle.

The walls are built on steel pipe frames so they are rugged and will last for
years. The lumber is rough sawn hemlock. If you look closely at the photo
you can see where the old wall was by the bare dirt.

This is the only gate into the courtyard. It's a heck of a fight but it can be done!
I just would like to point out that this little rebuid cost over $2000. That's the
way a field pays it's loyal players back, by giving them more and better things
to play with. Our thanks to all the loyal players that use our facility every
season, you are the reason improvements like this happen. You help the field
and the sport to grow and that makes it better for everyone!!!

"Remember a good player leaves more behind him then empty paintball boxes."
Thank you for helping us build this facility for the coming generations of players

This is a true large format field. The Castle can hold up to 60 defenders. Even
though 10 can give it a good strong defense. We suggest attacking this strong
point you have a 2-1 advantage. So we can shift teams around to get that ratio
for you. It is tough to play this field with small groups. Many have tried, and it's
okay, but it's much more fun on a large scale.

You can use the two speedball fields as cover when attacking Castle from the
North or the South. We also have a few obstacles to the east that you can get
cover behind. Teamwork is a must here.