Bravo Battlefield

Bravo is made up of 2 mortar pits. The Western one is Bravo and the Eastern
one is Echo. They are separated by a muddy brook with two footbridges,
the only way to cross the brook. Each side will have several Nerf mortar
rounds to use to destroy the others mortar emplacement. You have to toss
the round into the sandbag circle that holds the mortar tube. They are located
by the Red and Blue flags on the field. If you miss with all your rounds you can
still win by pulling the flag.

But the easiest way if to Nerf it. This is a fun field, but hard to win. You have
to control the footbridges and a small beachhead on the other side. Not easy
to do.

This is a small to medium format field. It can be played with 8-12 players but it's
a riot with more.

The max is about 30.