A paintball outing is a great way to celebrate a birthday.

If you come to play we will give the birthday player a credit
worth 100 paintballs for the total number of players in their
party. So if you bring 14 friends with you we'll give you a credit
worth 1500 paintballs.

This can be applied to cover your field fee or rental as well
as your paintballs. So a good size group means you can play
for free all day!

Now you have the entire month to redeem the party. So if your
Birthday is on the 2nd. And you come in on the 29th with your
party you still get the discount.

We have a comfortable air-conditioned break area where you
can set up if you wish to serve cake or snacks. We can even
cook burgers and hot dogs for a small fee or we can turn over
the grill to you and you can use it at no charge.

We believe that customer service is the way to show how much
we care about our customers. So we will try to make things
as easy as possible for you.