Bachelor Parties

The big question what will it cost? Quick answer it depends on how
long you play and how much paint you shoot. Rule of thumb a good
bachelor party will chew through a little more paint then recreation
players. So instead of $50 per head I'd say it might go up to $60 or a
little more.

We do host a lot of bachelor parties, we enjoy helping people celebrate
the start of their married life. We can offer a full day of play with a
meal if desired. We can either turn over our grill to you folks and you
can cook your own lunch. (No charge for the use of the Grill) Or we
can cook up burgers and dogs for you but we do want to cover the cost
of the food so we hope to get a $1.50 per dog and a $2.00 for a burger.
We can also have pizza delivered or we have a catering service that
can send in more of a meal if you wish.