Indoor Field
on line with new configuration

Here is the field layout we will be working with.
The teams start in opposite corners at the flag
buckets. They try to grab as many of their flags
(represented by the red or blue dots) as they can.
The Red team must stay on their side and the
Blue team must stay on theirs. No player may
enter the grey zone (No mans land). This will
end any chance of very close shots. Players
may shoot out the doorways and through the
window opening (represented by the red squares).
Players must run out of the doorways and grab
a flag and return behind the wall. Then the flag
must be carried to the corner where you started
and placed in the flag bucket.

The team that collect the most flags wins. This
field will be comfortable for 10 on 10. We will try
larger groups until we find the ceiling. It may be
possible to put 30 or even 40 people on this field
at one time. Only a test run will tell. But, if we
have to split a large group we can rotate players
through so big groups can have fun with it as well.

This is looking down the side of one of the Block
fronts with the doorways and windows.

This is behind the Block front. 100 foot long
corridor that you must move in to get ready to
defend or go out after the flags.

Once you get one it has to go all ther way to
the end to count on your score.

Looking across the the way at the opponets
Block front. Only 40 feet away and hanging in
front of you you can see a red flag you need
to get, only 12 feet away. Are you fast enough
to go get it and get back or will you die in a hail
of paintballs?

This is looking down the center of the grey
zone. No trespassing here.

You can come out of your Block front to grab
a flag from the stations on your side. They will
come out of their side and grab the flags on
their side. But no one goes in the center isle.

That make sure no close shots. You will have
10 flags you can get. Each must be carried
to the end and placed in a bucket to count.

You may still get hit with the flag, if you do,
drop it where you were when you got hit.
It's still in play and worth points if someone
can get to it.

You can easily get hit through a doorway or
a window so move carefully.