We need your advice!

Right now we are starting to plan out our next season. It looks like we will organize a scenario game for August in 2020. Now we need your help in trying to design it. We would like to get over 100 players that day. Most scenario players are private equipment owners only about 30% will be rental folks.

Now some folks may not understand what a scenario game is. That’s fine, you can kind of think of it as “flavored” paintball. You pick a theme that the game will follow. It could be based on the tale of Robin Hood or perhaps a popular PC game you currently enjoy like “Call of Duty”, “ Assassin’s Creed” or one of the many others. So basically we would design missions, which play into this story line and you would be asked to try to complete them.

Now here’s the problem, some players don’t care about the story line. They simply want to get into a big game. Nothing wrong with that except the story line is just a problem for them. So the other option is to focus on a large game with a very simple format like shoot the enemy! Not much strategy but plenty of action. However this could disappoint players who were hoping for a themed game format.

So what I need is for you to share your opinion about what you would like. Send me an e-mail at flyingdutchmanpaintball2@gmail.com and let me know what you think, also any suggestions are welcome. Big game simple format or scenario with a storyline.

Please put “scenario” in your subject line of the e-mail.

Thanks, Matt Holland Flying Dutchman Paintball