Open for play, I think? In reading the Governors plan to reopen we seem to be in a non-essential business category. Much like a golf course. Now I've tried to get confirmation from the Governors office, but no one is available to answer questions or return calls. So as so often happens, we're on our own to figure all this out. Now Augusta has put some seriously strict guidelines on us and we may not even be able to make a profit under their rules. But we'll try. This will cause some changes to the way we conduct business.

Restriction 1. No more then 9 people may assemble. So with a ref and myself that means we can only have 7 players on field. The entire facility at one time. If a group plays in the morning we might be able to squeeze a second group in after the first on has left. So this is huge 7 players isn't much to work with.

Restriction 2. This one is mine. No walk on players at this time! I can't throw folks together who aren't comfortable with each other.

Restriction 3. Facemask must be worn. This doesn't refer to goggles but to a cough mask. I think in a pinch the cloth neck protectors can do that job. You're free to bring your own.

Restriction 4. You must practice social distancing. In the building or on the field keep at least 6 feet between you and others.

So, here's the changes, Calling to book a game will require a deposit. No way around it. If a group books and then forgets to come in we can't get a second group in to play so we lose the chance to make any money that day. You may not realize but about 30% of the groups we book never show and most never call. They just leave us twisting in the wind. That won't work any longer. So when you book we'll charge your credit card or debit card and it will be applied to your bill at the end of the play session. It isn't refundable without a 72-hour notice. That's 3 days. The deposit is $20 per person. If you tell me 7 people the deposit will be $140.00. Now if you the day comes to play and only 4 folks show up we'll credit the 4 with $20.00 per person and the other 3 spots that were booked will not be refunded. So get folks that follow through.

I'm sorry this sound so harsh, it's not the way I want to do business, but Augusta offers no options. We have to avoid going out of business and try to keep within Augusta's guidelines. For now this is the best we can do, when Augusta lets us do more we'll do it better?