Flying Dutchman Paintball
Where the fun is!
Contact information:
Phone 207 564 3369
Location: 73 Sebec Shores Road Guilford Maine 04443

Things to do within 20 minutes of us or a little further
"The Dutchman sails as her Captain commands her!"

quote from Pirates of the Caribbean
Items we are looking for

Tippmann 98 customs for parts, they don't have to be working.
Clear VL-200 hopper or Clear Extreme Rage gravity hopper
55 gallon plastic barrels or drums
If you have some you want to sell get in touch with us.

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express
Discover and Pay Pal
Let me ask a favor of you, if you play here and enjoy it, tell the world, write reviews on
google or post to facebook or tweet it to the world. But if you didn't like it

PLEASE tell us, because were the only ones who can fix the problems.
Help us make it better for everyone.

Here is one of our "Away Games" where we go on the road and bring paintball
to you. This was a bachelor party celebration in York Maine. These folks have used
us for years and we couldn't ask for a better group of guys. Everyone had a blast and
by the end they were pretty tired, but it was a great time for all. After the event
they even rescued us when we ran out of fuel on the return. I offer my greteful
thanks for that. When you need us again just call, we'll be there for you.

New construction
The Tower takes