Contact information:
Phone 207 564 3369
Location: 73 Sebec Shores Road Guilford Maine 04443

Things to do within 10 minutes of us or a little further
"The Dutchman sails as her Captain commands her!"

quote from Pirates of the Caribbean
Thank you my friends for your appreciation.
Anything, anytime, just call us.
Items we are looking for

Tippmann 98 customs for parts, they don't have to be working.

55 gallon plastic barrels or drums
If you have some you want to sell get in touch with us.

Opening weekend 2015
University of Maine in Orono takes the field.
The weather was great and the play was fast and furious, but a great time was had by all.
We should have most fields operating by April 25th and all fields on line by May 1st.
It's time to come have fun!

Eastern Maine Community College